When It’s Right to Automate

Information Phase

The process of obtaining the requirements for automation is the most important set of activities and procedures that leads the whole innovation project. In this phase the project goals and measurement criteria are established. This process alone shapes the project's activities, tasks and resources. Everything is planned to fulfill these specific requirements. Even the evaluation of the project results will depend on the parameters that have been set in this first phase. Misunderstandings or unspoken requirements can jeopardize the success of the information phase and hence, the whole project.
IntechLog’s experience and core competence is to acquire first the domain specific language and then, not only to “gather” requirement, but to “elicit” them; this avoid the common lack and gap between what the company wants and what the company will really get. But that’s not it: once all requirements have been spoken, they still need to be formalize in a standard and universally understandable format that can be passed, for example, to a system integrator or to a design company. What IntechLog offers is the combination of requirement elicitation and formalization done together with the customer and following the standards of the VDI/VDE-Richtlinien “System requirements/specification for planning and design of automation systems” @ www.vdi.de.