Concept Design

Conceptual Phase

The requirements for automation drive the concept development, but there are considerations to take into account. Constraints and limitations arising from neighboring processes and market available technologies available need to be considered.
When there is no best practice nor a standard procedure to face a problem, the concept design could lead to different solutions. Layout, physical principles, technologies and interfaces may widely vary among the developed concepts and a deep analysis of the alternatives, evaluating advantages and disadvantages of each one, is always needed.
Methodologies involving simulation, scenario and sensitivity analysis are employed in order to investigate and select the concept that best meets the customer needs. By partnering with us, IntechLog service includes the identification of system integrators and service providers suitable for the realization of the technical concept developed. Our goal is to design the best concept possible, and implement it in the best way.

Our Experience

Swiss Post - We worked together with Swiss Post to develope a concept for automating two processes:

  • roll container loading
  • unloading and injection of items in the sorting system
Both represented a great challenge given the large number of variables, constraints and the complexity of interfacing the new system with the existing information and physical infrastructure. High competence both in logistics and robotics were required to complete this project. Success - A best concept plan of technical feasibility was determined, complete by outlining the next steps in order for the system to be further developed and designed.