• Infrastructure-transportation-freight-train-363436_640

    Daimler AG – Tugger Train Planning

    Our team had the privaledge to work together with the logistic department of Daimler AG. The focus: a tugger train planning for a new assembly line to be installed in a Stuttgart factory. The beginning of the project met us with a large variety of factors to…

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  • construction-370588_640

    Swiss Post – Automation Concept Design

    We recently worked together with Swiss Post developing a concept for automating two processes: roll container loading unloading and injection of items in the sorting system Both represented a great challenge at the moment. Given the large number of variables and constraints and the complexity of interfacing the new system…

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  • Logistics warehouse roll containers and package scanner

    Automation – State of the Art Investigation

    Our strength is to be able to combine knowledge coming from our academic background with that of the real world as experienced by our consulting activity. Swiss Post, a large North American logistics firm and Nike Logistics, to name but a few, asked our institute for an…

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  • Automation-Technology-Overhead-conveyor-455464_640

    Swiss Post – Automation Technology

    The entire Swiss Post Network with a dedicated focus on the Frauenfeld facility was analyzed by our team. All processes were investigated, studied and analyzed including: the customer organization, procedures, existing infrastructures and assets were investigated, studied and analyzed. From our studay, it was uncovered that two…

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