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    Stadtwerk Tübingen

    Our Experience Stadtwerk Tübingen – Between December 2012 and March 2013 IntechLog conducted a process analysis for the Stadtwerk Tübingen to optimize the indoor and outdoor warehouse layouts, with the objective of reducing the…

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    Tubex GmbH – Automation Technology

    Our team worked together with Tubex GmbH to write the requirements for the automation of a palletizing robotic cells posed at the end of a production line for aluminum cans. Identifying the requirements in this specific case was not trivial, as the environment had zero experience in…

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  • Logistics Automated Package Sorter

    Automation – Processes

    The IntechLog group often has to deal with investigation concerning the economic convenience of automating a process or not. Usually this type of evaluation includes technical analysis of “current” and “to-be” processes, since these two aspects are not distinct enough to be treated separately. Furthermore, the expected…

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