About Us

“We succeed where common consultants don’t.”

The Instutute für technische Logistik (IntechLog) was founded in 2012 with the aim of bridging the existing GAP between the academic world and the companies, made of real businesses, real people, real problems.
Through the design of new processes, the development of new methodologies, the competences in the most advanced technologies and an intense collaboration with the customers, IntechLog will bring to your company a gust of fresh air and will consult you in approaching issues from a different perspective.
To innovate often means to change, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” ― Winston S. Churchill

Wolfgang Echelmeyer -

An accomplished professor in the area of automated logistics who both teaches and consults in this field. Echelmeyer studied production engineering at the University of Bremen, and ultimately received a doctorate in engineering. From 2002-2007, he held active roles in research. In 2005, he was promoted to Department Manager within the research area ''intelligent production and logistics systems'' and independently led a group of researchers working in the ''logistics factory of the future.'' There he worked on the development and integration of automated logistics systems, as well as lectured in the area of production engineering. Eventually he wored his way up to the title Chair for Planning and Controlling of Technical Systems at the University of Bremen. Additionally, he held the role of Project Manager in a multiplicity of projects ranging from material and information flow optimization, particularly in the ranges of automation and auto indent technologies. From 2007-2009, he was a Project Manager at ThyssenKrupp System Engineering responsible for the business unit dealing with robotic logistics. In 2009, he accepted the position of Full Professorship at the ESB Business School at the Reutlingen University where he actively develops his own research in the ESB Logistikfabrik.


Marco Bonini -

An industrial engineer with a knack for improving processes, Bonini brings a keen insight when looking to optimize processes. Bonini began his career at the ESB Logistikfabrik at the Reutlingen University in Reutlingen, Germany in an EU-funded project RobLog as a Project Manager. Originally from Pisa, Italy, Bonini studied Production Systems Engineering at the University of Pisa completing a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree both in the discipline of Industrial Engineering. Aside from his responsibilities as Project Manager Assistant in the RobLog Project, his focus encompasses three core activities: - mentoring of BSc and MSc theses concerning research topics such as Cognitive Robotic Systems, Cognition applied to Logistics and Sustainable Logistics; - consulting activity in the field of logistics and automation of processes; - researching activities especially in the field of Cognitive (Robotic and not only) Systems, with a focus on the application of Cognition in the Logistics field


Augusto Urru -

Received his diploma degree (MSc) in Production System Engineering at the University of Pisa in September 2013. He carried out his thesis at the Logistic Department of Reutlingen University, where he was subsequently employed as assistant professor. Besides his academic activities, he has been involved in every Intechlog consulting project, giving his valuable contribution. His core competences encompass extensive knowledge on logistics equipment and best practices, process analysis, elicitation of requirements for automation and project management.