Automation Technology

Let’s Automate!

Robotic systems are popular and relatively easy to implement in high standardized working environment, but when the standardization level decreases, the automation process usually presents higher costs and higher technical difficulty. Often we are asked to automate processes currently carried out by human operators. The suggested solution coming from our customer in need of consulting is to simply “change the operator with a robot” performing the same task.
This is like trying to automate the unbeloved process of washing dishes, by trading a human with an anthropomorphic robot to soak dishes in water, soap the sponge and scrub the pots and pans one at a time. But, there are times, like washing dishes, when it is right to automate.
The point and our motto is: first design the most lean process and then choose the most effective and efficient technology that fits to it!

Our Experience

The entire Swiss Post Network with a dedicated focus on the Frauenfeld facility was analyzed by our team. All processes were investigated, studied and analyzed including: the customer organization, procedures, existing infrastructures and assets were investigated, studied and analyzed. From our studay, it was uncovered that two manual processes were suitable for automation. Considering the interfaces with the up and down-hill existing processes, points-of-strength and opportunities were identified and the possible arising bottlenecks highlighted. The results of our study were taken into consideration, furthering strengthening the innovative ideas of our customer.
In the same direction, a consulting project for a large North American logistics firm, was completed in the research and development department. All processes were analyzed and critical phases were identified. A detailed MTM (Method Time Measurement) Analysis was necessary in order to deploy every single activity pointing out the potential for automation.