Warehouse Layout and Planning

Planning a warehouse…

or a factory shop floor from scratch is an activity that can be done following some well known best practices.
Most large and medium-sized enterprises are either capable of investigating and applying these best practices through in-house consulting or a technical department, or write the requirements for a third-party company to perform. But sometimes enterprizes struggle with the identification of their own requirements.
In other cases, the warehouse or shop floor is not planned from scratch, but needs to be re-organized without a total processes re-engineering procedure.
Each of these cases is different from the other, and the application of best practices from manuals is basically impossible.
IntechLog’s core competence is in eliciting the requirements for warehouse and factory shop floors while performing the planning that fulfils these conditions.

Our Experience

Stadtwerk Tübingen - Between December 2012 and March 2013 IntechLog conducted a process analysis for the Stadtwerk Tübingen to optimize the indoor and outdoor warehouse layouts, with the objective of reducing the surface occupied especially by the outdoor warehouse.
Such a warehouse is peculiar, since the service offered does not follow strict revenue principles, but it is more citizen-oriented with a particular care for the public eye. The level of service is extremely high and the need of parts is mostly unpredictable, with the exception of pre-planned works, such as the renewal of streets. Parts range from heavy pipes to cables to screws and nails.


The project resulted with an optimization design of the layout for the outdoor warehouse: the developed concept offered the advantage of state of the art low-cost equipment enabling the vertical development of the warehouse, hence reducing the occupied surface of about 1.300 squared meters.